PKFokam Annual Conference

To all Attendees and Participants in the 8th edition of the PKFokam International Conference on Science & Technology held from  30 - 31 March 2021.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank all participants, special guests, sponsors, and guest speakers for your attendance, participation and sharing of ideas and expertise.

We were incredibly happy for the participation of a large group of experts in their respective fields.

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We would like to remind you that during the 5th Edition in 2018, we agreed that each participant of the PKFokam Conference should be the first one to apply the results of its research activities on the field through start-ups to boost our economy. It was highly recommended to each research team to be the owner of a start-up (Start-up academy initiative)

In order the support this vision, the PKFokam Journal for Applied Science & Technology ( was created with clear objectives which were to go beyond publication.

The aims and scope of the journal are:

  • To promote and disseminate results of applied research.
  • To disseminate the knowledge and findings that researchers have developed.
  • To establish a link between the society and researchers, a link that will enable their results to attract more attention.

The manuscript content is organized in 02 main parts as follows:

Part 1 – Scientific Research and Part 2 – Know-how Transfer

The specificity of our Journal lies in Part 2: This part will help subscribers to be prepared for the implementation of their own results in respect of the conditions below:

  • The Problem solved should be clearly defined.
  • Fully description of the methodology used.
  • Description of the technology and know-how required for the successful transfer by a third party.
  • Description of all steps required to achieve marketability.
  • Serve as information carrier for industrialists, companies or business actors who are willing to transfer the results of applied research out of laboratories into practical application.

Please you are all invited to publish in our journal that shows our commitment to apply our results and boost our economy.

During this 8th edition, we have once more realized the importance for each researcher to be the first to turn their own results into practical application to solve problems in our society, create jobs and boost the economy.

An important question about publishing in the Journal with an impact factor was raised and discussed by participants.

In fact, what is the effect on our economy when we are requested to publish in a journal with an impact factor?

How many  journals with an impact factor have been created by those requesting researchers to publish in a journal with impact factor prior to their advancement?

Let´s change the mindset and pursue research in our continent with well-defined goals and objectives to be achieved in the short, middle or long term.

Let us replace “publish or perish” by “publish to boost the economy and create jobs

We look forward to seeing you at the 9th edition scheduled in 2022.